__DEformat, Č.7, (83×32 cm, 2016, dřevo, koženka, lak, kovový prach, zlato)


This series was created as a follow-up to Still closer. More than a quick gesture, it deals with the shape of the image itself. The destruction of the classic square and rectangular shape results in new shapes. In some cases the frames become deformed at the last possible point of sustainability of the shape.The destruction of shape in some cases occurs after the material is stretched over the frame, thus deforming the canvas/skin/skin itself. This series explores the theme of change and decay. The cycle can also reflect the existential plane of man.



__DEformat, Č.1, (19×53 cm, 2016, dřevo, plátno, koženka, lak, kovový prach)


__DEformat, Č.6, (56×91 cm, 2016, plátno, dřevo, laky, kovový prach)



__DEformat, Č.5, (34×94 cm, 2016, dřevo, plátno, laky)


__DEformat, Č.4, (44×34 cm, 2016, dřevo, plátno, koženka, laky)
DEformat, Č.8, (57×25 cm, 2016, dřevo, plátno, koženka, kovový prach, lak)



DEformat, Č.10, (25×25, 2016, dřevo, koženka, kovový prach, lak, magnet)