Curated by Anita Somrová

MakeMake Gallery

Dress is a partial self-reflection. It refers to a garment that I „wear“. The installation is created through meanings and interrelationships.

The series combines materials such as leatherette, which is here in the form of a diamond-shaped object, and loosely flowing hanging fabrics. It can evoke a piece of clothing or refer to sexuality. The whole installation is linked by the symbolism of the rhombus reflecting part of my work. The magnets here hold both shape and tension.

The installation features a magnet on the outside and inside, referring to the magnetic works from the Still Closer series.
This allows the shape of the installation to be moved freely, the curtain to be opened or closed. The dress can be put on or taken off. This allows the installation to be redefined. New forms can be created but it is also possible to „rip“ these magnets out of the garment and cause it to disappear. It is about Movement and the subsequent fall, referring to the book Ninfa moderna- An essay on the fallen drapery by Georges Didi-Huberman.